With Bee Smith

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Bee Smith is a Humanitarian of the 21st Century! She Is An International Two-Time Best-Selling Author, Public Speaker, Multi Media Personality, and Lifestyle Inspiratory. Well known for her dynamic personality and high-impact presentations, she is a tireless community leader, advocate, spokesperson, mentor and educator. She serves as a local Board member for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (AFSP) and is the Founder of the Positive Imagination Mentoring Group for students and business professionals. Since Surviving Suicide, she passionately serves as a Suicide Prevention and Mental Health Advocate using her experiences as a beacon of hope for those battling depression and mental illness. She is the Creator “#BeeInspired Talks”, a series of Community Events focused on Depression and Suicide Awareness including and up to prevention measures, bringing hope and light to those suffering in silence. Have you seen her? Yes, you probably have! You can catch her on both local and national TV and Livestream segments offering commentary with a joyful smile and captivating energy! Using her gifts to shine the light on the dark subjects and silence the stigma is the icing on the cake for a life almost lost because of no hope! She believes that living a life full of joy is a choice and a gift. A prize we receive every time we open our eyes!


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